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What is really needed in the world today, perhaps more than ever before, is not some new world-shattering discovery in nuclear physics, or some breath-taking discovery in chemistry or medicine. The advance for which the world is waiting; beyond any doubt, is a small advance-a slight advance-in charity, in understanding, forbearance, tolerance, justice and mercy. That is what the world is waiting for and waiting rather anxiously. But charity, and tolerance, and forbearance, and the understanding of one another are non-material matters. And in non-material things-in the simplest social things-science has been helpless. It cannot even help us to distinguish good from evil. May be this will not always be so. Who knows? It is quite probable that someday science will affect an improvement in the human brain itself. Not a structural improvement, for in structure the human brain is the greatest miracle of all; its understanding will come last. But there might well be a functional improvement. That is far from fantastic. The advances in science might one day well increase the capacity and reasoning power of the human brain. I should say there is limit doubt that man will one day improve on the natural man, raise his intellectual status, and give him greater power of reasoning and understanding. He might have sufficient reason and understanding to abolish war. Whether that will be so, whether and when he will have a better understanding of his fellow me. That remains to be seen. It brings us back to the question: Where is Science Taking Us? Despite the present vicissitudes, we are going somewhere. There are troublesome times ahead. But those who fear for the future are the craven (cowardly) in spirit; for life is becoming more and more interesting, intriguing and exciting. I wish I had another hundred years.
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