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It is the relative weight which we give to each of these reasons that decides what sort of discipline we have. And that can vary from the pure self-discipline of the of the Sermon on the Mount to the discipline of the concentration camp the enforced discipline of fear. Inspite of all our squabbles the British are united when it comes to most of the things that mater and liberty is one them. We believe in freedom to think what we like say what we like work at what we like and go where we like. Discipline is restraint on liberty so many of us have a very natural inclination to avoid it. But we cannot. Man ever since the dim prehistoric past has had no option but to accept the discipline of some kind For a modern man living in complex communities is more than even unavoidable. All history teaches that when through either idleness weakness or faction the sense of fades in a nation its economic life sinks into decay then as its standard of living falls and security vanishes one of two things happens. Either some more virile militant power steps in to impose its own brand of discipline or a dictator arises and clamps down the iron control of the police state. Somehow eventually discipline is again enforced. Shall it be imposed by physical violence and fear by grim economic necessity accepted by consent and understanding? Shall it come from without or from within? The word discipline for some flashes on to the screen of the mind a jack-booted commissar bawling commands across the barrack square at tramping squads. But that is dictatorship not discipline. The voluntary reasoned discipline accepted by free, intelligent men and women is another thing. It is binding on all, from top to bottom. One morning long ago as a brand new second-lieutenant, I was walking on to parade. A private soldier passed me and saluted. I acknowledged his salute with an airy wave of the hand. Suddenly behind me, a voice rasped out my name. I spun round and there was my Colonel, for whom I had a most wholesome respect and with him the Regimental Sergeant Major of whom also I stood in some awe.
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