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Childhood is considered to be the golden period of one's life but this doesn't hold true for some children who struggle to make their both ends meet during their childhood years. At a tender age which is supposed to be and ager of playing and going to school, they are compelled to work in factories industries offices or and domestic helps. Child labour means employment of children in any kind of work that hampers their physical and mental development deprives them of their basic and speaks volumes about the inability of our society to provide a congenial environment for the growth and development of the children. Earlier, the children used to help their parents in agricultural practices such as sowing harvesting reaping and taking care of cattle etc. But industrialisation and urbanisation have in a way encouraged child labour. Children are employed in hazardous work such as bidi industry, children are expected to perform all the chores of rolling binding and closing the ends of bidis using their nimble fingers. The cracker industry poses threat to the lives of the children due to their direct exposure to the susceptible to different respiratory problems and lung cancer in leather jewellery and sericulture industry. A number of other factors could be attributed to the rise of this menace. In the poor and lower strata family's children are considered to be an extra earning hand. These families have a conviction that every child is an earner so more the number of children. The children are expected to shoulder their parents' responsibilities. Parental illiteracy is also one of the contributors to this problem. Education tends to take a backseat in the lives of these children. The uneducated parents consider education as an investment in comparison to the returns which they get in the form of earnings of their children. The child labourers are subjected to unhygienic conditions late working hours and different atrocities which have a direct effect on their cognitive development. The young and immature minds of the children find it difficult to cope with such situations leading to different emotional and physical problems. Employers also prefer child labourers in comparison to the adults. This is because they can extract more work and still afford to pay the children lesser amount. Bonded child labour is one of the worst forms of child labour. In this, the children are made to work in order to pay off a loan or debt of the family. It can be considered as a form of slavery where the children assist their parents as they inherit the debt from them. Bonded labourers are most commonly employed in the agriculture sector. Bonded labour has resulted into trafficking of the children from rural to urban areas in order to work as domestic helps or in small production houses.
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