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Geometry is a part of mathematics that deals with forms, shapes and the sizes of objects. There are many different kinds of shapes. Some are two-dimensional like circles, squares or triangles, others are three-dimensional like cubes, balls or cones. Geometry shows us how we can construct or draw such forms and how to measure them. We need geometry in everyday life. Houses are made up of geometrical shapes. Pilots use geometry when they plan their routes and surveyors need geometry to make maps and measure areas of land. The world is full of geometric shapes. Egyptian pyramids got their name from geometry and the biggest building in Washington is the Pentagon, a structure that has five sides. Plane Figures and Shapes A plane is a flat surface like the top of a table. Plane geometry is also called two-dimensional geometry. The simplest objects in geometry are lines and angles. A line is straight and has two arrowheads which show that it continues in both directions. A ray is a line that has a starting point and then goes on in a certain direction. Two lines that come together and have the same starting point form an angle. It can be measured in degrees. Angles that make square corners measure 90° and are called right angles. Angles with less than 90° are acute, those with more than 90° are called obtuse. Two lines that never meet are parallel. When several segments of a line join together they create a closed figure called a polygon. Rule of PythagorasA polygon with three sides is a triangle. If all three sides have the same length we have an equilateral triangle, two sides of the same length make up an isosceles triangle. A triangle with one right angle is called a right triangle. The side opposite the right angle is the hypotenuse, the other two sides are called legs. The Greek mathematician Pythagoras, who lived
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