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Whether you're a gym rat or someone who's just started working out in a gym, there are some rules that one must follow. And these rules are never put up on a soft board, but are understood. No one likes that guy who puts down his towel on a machine, only to use it after an hour. So, if you want to earn a few brownie points among your gym pals, we suggest you read further. These unwritten rules around hygiene, cleanliness, common courtesy are often ignored, but it's important to follow them. Always, always put the equipment back from where you picked up. Whether it is weight, foam rollers, yoga mats make sure you keep it back from where you found it. This will not only save time for the person who wants to work out after you, but will also keep the work out area orderly. If you're working out on a machine, make sure to wipe it down once you're done. Nothing is grosser that having to clean someone else's sweat. Don't blast your techno music, the person working out next to you may prefer metal. Always carry your headphones to listen to your favourite music, podcast or watch your bookmarked shows. It's ok if you wish to step away from the machine for a couple of minutes, but don't keep a towel on a machine to reserve it if you're only going to be back after more than 10 minutes. Let someone else use it while you're busy. We agree that lifting heavy weights can involve some amount of shouting, but avoid unnecessary yelling as it may be intimidating to some. And it can also be irritating. The gym is where you come to work out, so avoid making or taking long calls. If you really need to speak, then just step out. By the way, this rule applies to all kinds of spaces, especially openDomestic
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