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English is a good language. It has international status. It connects Eastern & Western peoples and civilisations, By learning English, every body thinks that his or her thinking has elevated and broadened and thus every English speaking person gets feeling that he or she is a citizen of the entire world. English is being spoken in so many countries and there are only a few countries where this prestigious language is absent. It is a fact, although in some countries, English language is not a medium of communication among people, yet still there is considerable percentage of persons in such countries, who like to communicate in English. IN India, during British regime, Lord Clive, Viceroy of his time, introduced English teaching in Govt. schools to prepare clerks and other office staff to get administrative work done on cheaper rates, as English- knowing Indians were ready to do work on merge monthly salaries in comparison to British people for the same job. By and by English language became more and more popular in India and every Indian felt proud to know and communicate in this language. Before Independence, English language used to be introduced from the 5th standard onwards. But after partition, it was felt by Indian leaders that English and Urdu are the foreign languages and teaching of these foreign languages must be discontinued at least in the Govt. schools. Hence, teaching of English discontinued in Govt. primary schools, though the higher studies in English medium remained as it is for many years and by & by medium of teaching many subjects started in Indian regional languages. Now after a gap of about half a century, our government realised their mistake of discontinuing English language. Punjab government again decided to introduce teaching of English right from the Its standard of primary schools. Never before did our leaders show their foresight in such an impressive manner to attach importance to English language. Similarly, Urdu language was taught in primary schools from the first standard. Students used to start practice of writing Urdu alphabet at the wooden-board called tektites. But a few years after Independence, teaching of Urdu was also discontinued, because it was considered that it is a language of Muslims, who left Punjab for good. But after a lapse of more than half a century, it has again been decided to introduce Urdu from the primary classes.
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