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This essay tells us about the value of good manners. Bad manners are anti social. But they are not a crime in the eyes of the law and therefore the law does not permit us to hit back if we have been the victims of bad manners People begin to avoid a man with bad manners. A person with good manners brings us happiness. His company is indeed very pleasant. This essay deals with little but socially important incidents from daily life, It shows us the importance of words like please' and 'thank you' in our every day life. They settle bitter quarrels and soften bad tempers. The young lift-man in a city office who threw a passenger out of his lift the other morning and was fined for the offence was undoubtedly in the wrong. It was a question of "Please". The complainant entering the lift said, "Top." The lift-man demanded "Top please," and this concession being refused, he not only declined to comply with the instruction, but hurled the passenger out of the lift. This, of course, was carrying a comment on manners too far. Discourtesy is not a legal offence, and it does not excuse assault and battery. If a burglar breaks into my house and I knock him down, the law will acquit me, and if l am physically assaulted it will permit me to retaliate with reasonable violence. It does this because the burglar and my assailant have broken quite definite commands of the law. But no legal system could attempt to legislate against bad manners, or could sanction the use of violence against something which it does not itself recognize as a legally punishable offence. And whatever our sympathy with the lift-man, we must admit that the law is reasonable. It would never do if we were at liberty to box people's ears because we did not like their behaviour, or the tone of their voices, or the scowl of their faces. Our fists would never be idle, and the gutters of the city would run with blood all day.
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