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The machine age gives us year by year more hours of leisure but it fails to teach us how to use them. It gives us mechanical habits of mind and represses the spirit to adventure-except along machine-made lines. We will need all our creative powers to think our way our of the social problems which science has created for us. It is science that has given us the unexpected redistribution of the age groups. Almost every year, some modem drug adds a little more to the average span of life, until the upper group is overcrowded. In the United States, for instance, there are already nine million people 1950's. In fifteen years' time, this number will reach the astonishing figure of forty-five million. Who is to keep them? It will need some readjustment. And so, science goes on raising its problems. Compared with our fundamental question-What is Life? These problems may seem to be of less importance. But they are not really so. What is happening is that science is creating problems faster than they can be solved. Man is struggling in a sort of vicious circle, always striving to catch up and never getting nearer. And there are no signs that the glut of discoveries is coming to an end. War is the most example; Science has pushed it so far forward that ethics and morals are floundering hopelessly behind. It makes one sometimes ask: What is science really after? What are its aims? What is its goal? Its aims seem to be obvious. They are material, of course. One aim is the complete understanding, indeed the conquest, of man's environment; the conquest of everything material, big or small, bringing all powers within man's reach. The order aim is the understanding of all the mysteries that lie within the human body-the material mysteries, the innumerable chemical and physical actions that make the body work. If these are the apparent aims of science, surely, they cannot represent the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal, if there is such a thing, must be the understanding of everything that makes life worthwhile, the enrichment of all that if life means. That goes beyond material things; for man needs more than food and shelter and clothing and the understanding of what goes on within his stomach.
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