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You know that the earth goes around the sun and the moon goes around the earth. You know also perhaps that there are several other bodies which like the earth go around the sun. All these, including our earth, are called planets of the sun. The moon is called a satellite of the earth because it hangs on to it. The other planets have also got their satellites. The sun and the planets with their satellites form a happy family. This is called the solar system. Solar means belonging to the sun, the sun being the father of all planets, the whole group is called the Solar System. At night you see thousands of stars in the sky. Only a few of these are the planets and these are really no called stars at all. Can you distinguish between a planet and a star? The planets are really quite tiny, compared to the stars but they look bigger in the sky because in the sky because they are much nearer to us. Just as the moon which is, really quiet a baby, looks so big because it is quite near to us. But the real way to distinguish the stars from the planets is to see if they twinkle or not. Stars twinkle, planets do not. That is because the planets only shine because they can get the light of our sun. It is only the sunshine on the planets or the moon that we see. The real stars are like our sun. They shine of themselves because they are very hot and bigger as it is nearer and we see it as a great ball of fire. So that our earth belongs to the family of the sun-the solar system. We think the earth is very big and it is big compared to our tiny selves. It takes weeks and months to go from one part of it to another even in a fast train or steamer. But although it seems so big is millions of miles away and the other stars are even further away.
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