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Liberty is not a personal affair only but a social contract. It is an accommodation of interests. In matters which do not touch anybody else's liberty of interests I matters which do not touch anybody else's liberty of course I may be as free as I like. If I choose to go down the Strand in a dressing-gown with long hair and bare feet who shall raise an objection? You have liberty to laugh at me but I have liberty to be Indifferent to you. And if I have a fancy for dyeing my hair or waxing my mustache or wearing a tall hat a frock-coat and sandals or going to bed late or getting up early I shall follow my fancy and ask no mans permission. In all these and a thousand other details you and I please ourselves and ask no ones leave. We have a whole kingdom in which we rule alone can do what we choose be wise or ridiculous harsh or easy conventional or odd. But directly we step out of that kingdom our personal liberty of action becomes qualified by another peoples liberty. I might like to practice on the guitar from midnight till three in the morning. If I went on to the streets the neighbors will remind me that my liberty to play on a guitar must people in the world and I have to accommodate my liberty to their liberties. We are all liable to forget this and unfortunately we are much more conscious of the imperfections of others in this respect than of our own. I got into a railway carriage at a country station the other morning and settled down for what the school-boys would call and hours swot at a Blue-book. I was not reading it for pleasure. The truth is that I never do read Blue-books for pleasure. I read them as a lawyer reads a brief for the very humble purpose of turning an honest penny out of them. Now if you are reading a book for pleasure it does not matter what is going on around you. I think I could enjoy a really good novel even in the midst of an earthquake. But when you are reading a thing as a task you need reasonable quiet and that is what I didn't get for at the next station in came a couple of men one of whom talked to his friend for the rest of the journey in a loud and pompous voice on any and every subject under the sun.
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