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Media plays a vital role in a democratic country like India where public opinion has a major aspect. Media is considered to be the fourth pillar of the society, the other three being, legislative, executive and the judiciary system. It is even said to be a 'mirror' and 'modular' of public opinion. In other words, we may say that the public replicates or follows as well as accumulates opinions and decisions through the media and the information displayed by it. People not only obtain real information about public matters From the news media, but also pick up how much prominence to assign to a subject on the basis of the highlighting and priority given to it in the news. Internet including e-mails and blogs, television. radio and newspapers play a significant role in the formation of outlooks and opinions of the general public News media highlights the personalities (politicians, people involved in film industry and other celebrities) and issues and common man believes and forms opinion about them according to the news. Today's picture of media is entirely different. Public can talk about the incidents happening not only in the country but also outside the geographical boundaries only due to awareness created by media. Media also plays a crucial role in enlightening and educating the people. It can aid public involvement through advocating issues and transferring knowledge skills and technologies to the people. Awareness about various rural development programmes, propagation of family planning could be spread easily by using the media. Media awaken people against many evils prevailed in the society. Apart from this, it covers many students in a single platform through its educational programmes. The impact of media can be seen on the youth also. Youth's exposure to media has increased evidently in past few years. ' The usage of personalised forms of media, comprising text messages and social networking sites has exponentially expanded. It is also contributing to greater awareness of political issues and prospects for public activities. Today individuals
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