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A government employee at the time of retirement can draw a certain amount in lump sum under the existing system of pension and have his monthly pension reduced proportionately. 1ne cut pension is calculated according to the prescribed scale on the production of the medical certificate regarding life expectancy. The rule requires that the cut should continue until the death of the pensioner whatever the commuted amount. In many cases, pensioners have paid back as "outs" in their pensions twice or thrice the commuted amount. Pensioners call this rule exploitive and demand its repeal Under the scheme of opting for death-cum-retirement gratuity intro- deed in 1950, the rate of pension is reduced from one half of the employee's average emoluments to three-eigths against the payment of an amount equal to 15 months' pay. In this case too, the reduction in pension continues even after the amount taken as gratuity has been fully repaid. A family pension scheme was introduced on January 1,. 1964 but the widows of pensioners who retire before that date have been deprived of it. The Government has, however, given some con- cession to the pensioners in recent years. The rate of pension, the amount of gratuity and the limit of death-cum-retirement gratuity have been raised. The pension is calculated on the average of last 10 months' emoluments instead of 36 months and cash payment is made in lieu of 180 days' leave due at the time of retirement. An Indian pensioner is perhaps the least paid in the world. Holland, Iran, Belgium, Yugoslavia and Turkey (where the retiring age is 65), the retired men are paid as pension the full salary they drew last. in U.S.A., Italy, Spain, West Germany, France, East Germany, U.K., U.S.S.R., the Netherlands and Sweden, the pensioners get between 60 and 80 present of the salaries they drew last. Whereas in India, the pension has been increased by ridiculously small amounts in the last 30 years. In U.K., it has kept pace with the prices. A British 1.C.S. officer, whose original pension like Indian officers of the same service was 1000 pounds a year, now draws 7000 pounds a year.
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