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When Charles Darwin was born in 1809 science was still in its baby shoes. Chemists were talking about atoms, physicists about energy and electricity. Nobody really knew what it was. By the time he died in 1882 scientists were able to explain light and electromagnetic waves. And, thanks to Darwin, biologists were able to explain how life on Earth developed. Darwin was the best biologist of all times. He was an expert on plants, animals and insects. But he didn't want to be a biologist at first. At school and the university Darwin was just an average student. He read a lot and collected beetles and butterflies. He went to Edinburgh to study medicine but soon found out that it wasn't the right thing for him. At Cambridge he met a fellow botanist, John Steven Henslow. Henslow helped him get a job on the exploration ship Beagle. The ship travelled around the world for five years and Darwin learned a lot about the forms of life. When Darwin returned to England he was a well-known scientist who lived an isolated life in the countryside where he did experiments and studied plants and animals. Darwin read a lot of interesting books. One of them influenced him a great deal. A popular economist claimed that when the population grew the people would need more and more food. But there was not enough for everybody, so food would become scarce and not everyone could survive and have children. Darwin thought that this had to be true for animals and plants as well. Those that had food would survive and the others would die. Charles Darwin-Father of EvolutionThis helped Darwin solve many questions of life. While many scientists thought that all animals and plants had always been the same Darwin wasn't sure about this. During his voyage on the Beagle he began to think about it. He explored places where he saw that many
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