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Why do human beings look a bit like monkey or apes? Why are dolphins good swimmers? Why do giraffes have long necks? The answer to all these questions is evolution. Evolution is the way life changes through time. All living things are connected together like branches in a tree. Plants and animals are related to one another through their ancestors. For example, we share a common ancestor with gorillas, dogs or even mushrooms. Evolution shows us how and why all living things change over a certain period of time. We cannot watch changes in life directly. They take place over thousands or millions of years. However, scientists cannot find proof that these changes have taken place. Important evidence for evolution comes from fossils, the leftovers of ancient life. When animals or plants die they are pressed into sand or clay. Over millions of years rocks are formed. FossilsScientists have found out that different fossils are found in rocks of different ages. For example, the oldest rocks of our earth are about 3.8 billion years old. They contain no fossils because there was probably no life at that time. Fossils of bacteria appear in rocks that are about 3.5 billion years old. Fish, reptile and mammal fossils appear in younger rocks. Human fossils are found only in the youngest and highest rock layers. Fossils also show that certain groups of animals have evolved from other groups. Amphibians evolved from fish that could breathe air and move on land. They had legs but also scales and a fin. Birds probably evolved from dinosaurs. The archaeopteryx was an animal that had feathers like a bird and could fly. It also had teeth, claws on its wings and a skeleton that looked like a meat-eating dinosaur. But even without fossils there is other proof which shows that evolution has taken place. Different species often have similar features which they probably got from a common
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