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The Falklands are a group of islands located in the southern Atlantic Ocean, about 460 km east of the South American coast. They belong to the United Kingdom but govern themselves. The Falkland Islands have been an issue of conflict between Argentina and Great Britain over the centuries, resulting in a war between the two countries in 1982. About 3,000 people live on the Falklands, most of whom are British citizens. The island group is ruled by the Queen who sends a governor to administer the territory. 380 children who live on the Falklands are given an education according to the British school system. After attending school up to the age of 16 they can go to England to take their A-levels. The Falkland Islands consist of two main islands and hundreds of smaller ones. The coastline has rough with many fjords, bays and inlets. The climate is influenced by its southern location near the Antarctic continent. Summer temperatures average 13°C in January while winter temperatures drop to 4°C in July. The islands are often hit by storms and heavy rainfall. More than 90% of the islands are farmland. Fishing and sheep farming are the main sources of income for the Falkland Islanders. Its high quality wool is exported to the UK. In the last few years tourism has increased, largely because of cruise tours that visit the Falklands for its unique scenery and wildlife. During the centuries a number of European nations founded settlements on the Falkland Islands. In 1833 Britain took command over the group of islands and set up a naval station there. In the second half of the 20 th century argument erupted between Great Britain and Argentina over the colony. Since the 19th century Argentina has claimed the islands. It states that it got the islands from Spain when it became independent in 1816. On April 2, 1982 Argentine forces invaded and occupied the islands.
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