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Muammar Gaddafi came to power in Libya in 1969 and ruled the country as a dictator until his death in 2011. He was the longest ruling leader in the Middle East and Northern Africa. At 27 he overthrew the Libyan king when he was in Turkey for medical treatment. During the last few years of his rule Gaddafi tried to gain international recognition and become a statesman. Gaddafi was born in the desert town of Sirte. He came from a Bedouin family who led a nomadic life style. After he had gone to a military college he went to Britain for army training. On September 1, 1969 he overthrew the monarch and became what he called the revolutionary leader of Libya. Although Gaddafi officially set up peoples' committees he gave them virtually no power. People who thought otherwise were sent to prison or killed. Many of them were tortured or simply disappeared. The media was under the control of the colonel. Gaddafi's ideology is presented in his Green Book, in which he creates a mixture of capitalism and socialism combined with Islamic ideas. Gaddafi was well-known for his 40 female body guards who he chose himself. Instead of wearing a suit he often wore stylish clothes with sunglasses. Political guests were welcomed in heavily guarded tents instead of state palaces. In the past decades Col Gaddafi tried to gain influence in many parts of Northern Africa. In the 70s he sent an army to Chad and during the 80s Libya was host to rebel and terrorist groups. Over the years western countries have been against Gaddafi's regime because they say he supported militant groups like the IRA or the PLO. Relationships with the west worsened towards the middle of the 1980s. Gaddafi's regime was made responsible for terrorist attacks all over the world. US President Ronald Reagan called Gaddafi a "mad dog" and sent planes to bomb Libyan cities. In
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