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Do you want to live longer and healthier? Everyone will have answer in the positive. The research of specialists and nutritionists reveals that a diet of fish food can help you live longer. Many experts agree that people of many Countries eating large amounts of fish tend to have much lower rates of heart disease than those where meat-eating predominates. Scientists of the Portland university of U.S.A. have also found that fish oils in your diet help fight heart disease. Eskimos and Japanese have much lower death rates due to heart and blood circulation-related diseases, because they depend upon fish as major & important part of their daily diet. Meat and many of the foods we eat have a lot of saturated fat in them. That is the culprit that slowly but surely clogs the arteries and failure. But, fish don't have a lot of saturated fat. They are a very rich source of essential fatty acids coupled with trace elements like iodine, zinc and manganese that help keep the arteries and the heart free from clogging deposits. Further convincing evidence has come from studying the diets of prisoners of war in the far-East. Their diet of rice and fish may have been pretty monotonous, but doctors found little evidence of heart diseases in the prisoners. ears to heart Holland is another country from where much convincing evidence has been recently coming which also reinforce the encouraging facts of other experts. Dr. Jan Wascink of the University of Utrecht, studied the diets of 500 Dutch coastal people over a period of 10 years. During that time 62 persons died from heart attacks, but none of them was fish eater. In subsequent deaths, he found that the death rate was more than 50 per cent lower among those who ate just an ounce or so of fish a day, as compared to non-fish eaters. Thus, he concludes that just Baby eating fish twice a week. You could considerably lessen the risk of coronary heart disease.
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