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Films become important for everything they say, and sometimes for what they don't. Before we sit down and thrash out a Gold movie review, it is important to list everything that Akshay Kumar's Independence Day offering is not. In these divisive times, when using the P-word can get you immediate claps and whistles, Gold shows them as our allies and encourages a healthy relationship. Its Independence Day rhetoric can be schmaltzy but is never cloying, asking us, as citizens, to dream and achieve them, over decades and generations, because only that can make a country great. Gold begins at 1936 Olympics in Berlin where Akshay Kumar is the general 'hey you' of the British India's national hockey team. Somewhere between .not saluting Mein Fuhrer and carrying the Indian Flag next to his heart, he establishes his patriotism. A thrilling hockey match follows and the action is equally engrossing on the bleachers (watch out for the Hitler lookalike). Whether Indians win or lose is immaterial, for standing on the podium would be slaves. There, in a country covered with swastikas, Akshay's Tapan Das vows with a hand on the Tricolour, to win the medal for a free India. The opening and the credits make for the most rousing 20 minutes of Gold. They tug at your heartstrings, appeal to your national pride and establish Tapan as our man in the Reema Kagati film. A song takes us through the most defining moments in world history-World War 2, Olympics getting cancelled, India's Independence Day-as Tapan fills the hockey shaped hole in his heart with alcohol. Tapan's love for his country never wavers and neither does our faith in him. Today's alcoholic is tomorrow's patriot. Gold is inspired by India winning its first gold medal as a free country at the 1948 Olympics in Britain. Winning over our erstwhile colonial masters would have been sweet indeed and the story loses none of its
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