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How much policy of reservation is successful in our country? The main object of reservation is to uplift the poor and the down-trodden. But in reality, the experience of the past more than half a century shows that the policy of reservation has miserably failed to achieve its objectives. It is far from promoting harmony and spirit of brotherhood among the people, which is the goal of our Constitution. It is appreciable that financial help and other assistance is being given o the needy through the policy of reservation. But reality is that the policy of improving their living conditions, has made them dependent on crutches which mar their self-confidence. On the other hand, policy of reservation perpetuates injustice and disservice to the nation, because merit is thrown to the winds and its place is taken by inefficiency. In the light of the experience of reservation during the long span of more than half a century, it is quite evident that if the present policy of reservation is continued, the conditions of Scheduled castes and Scheduled Tribes will not improve much and up to the desired target, because it is absolutely not a right solution to improve their living standard. Moreover, reservation is creating injustice to deserved persons who work hard from their childhood and when time comes for selection showing personal worth and capability, it is ignored and in place, inefficient persons are selected under reservation. Here inefficiency under the garb of reservation takes the place of capable, deserving and efficient persons. All over the world, the stress is on talent, on merit and excellence. Our country is passing through a phase of development and we must not afford to sacrifice efficiency by giving preference to only those who belong to particular categories of back warmness ignoring meritorious and competent persons. The right solution to help and uplift the backward category is to make them competent through special primary schools at per with convent schools so that they can compete with other better students in higher classes and do not feel complex that they are given special favour through the policy of reservation.
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Paragraph By : Satnam Singh

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