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How was Khalsa created? On the Baisakhi festival in 1699 at Anandpur, Guru Gobind Singh appeared on the dais with an unsheathed sword dazzling in his hand and asked the audience, "is there anyone who is willing to present his head to satisfy my sword?" The Guru repeated his call and as he repeated the third time, a Sikh named Daya Ram. Khatri from Lahore rose from the crowd to offer his head. "It's yours, in life and death," said the devotee humbly. The Guru caught hold of him by his arm and led him to a tent pitched adjacent to the dais. There was a thud of the sword. A moment later, the Guru appeared with his Sword dripping with blood, "I want another head" shouted the Guru. There was panic in the audience. But another man, a Jatt from Punjab area, rose and put his head at the disposal of his master. He was als0 taken into the tent as before. Again there was a thud of the sword followed by a stream of blood flowing out of the tent. Again he stood with fiery eyes and said the third time, "I want another head." This time, Makhan Chand from Dwarka hurried to the dais, apologising for offering himself earlier. As before, the same frightful thud of the sword followed and the blood squirted out of the sacrificial tent. Guruji came out the fourth time demanding yet another head. The blade of his sword was stained with blood. Some people from the hysterical crowd started running away. The Guru looked around and before he repeated his call, Himmat Chand who had come from Jagannath Puri in Orrisa rushed to the Guru for the purpose. Like the other three, he was also led to the tent and the thud of the sword was repeated. By now, the gathering had thinned down considerably. Holding the blood-stained sword, the Guru asked for yet another head. Sahib Chand from Bihar rushed to his master and reverently fell at his feet. The fifth man was also led into the tent and a similar thud was heard. Some whispered that they had gathered to celebrate Baisakhi and the Guru had started butchering them. They did not know what to do? But, they felt surprise and joy, when they saw the five Sikhs emerging one after another, radiant and beaming like five resplendent stars descended from heaven! The audience burst into spontaneous joy and they hailed the Guru with the slogans, "The Guru is great, long live the Guru."
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