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It is a step in the right direction to educate the Indian Adult. It is gratifying to note that attention is again being given to this age-old problem. Sufficient funds have been provided by the Government during the current Plan for this purpose. The Government intends to involve voluntary agencies in this programme. The Government may involve these voluntary agencies in this programme in a big way. But experience shows that unlike in other countries, in- stead of being a medium of real service to the people, effort by volunteers seems to have become a paying profession in India. There-fore, only voluntary organisations having a back-ground of long service and proper facilities and trained personnel should be involved in the programme. It is also generally said that adult education has to be ensured through a people's programme. Hopes should be pinned mainly on the 300 colleges of Education with their more than 63000 staff and trainees; and 1500 training schools with their three lakh staff and trainees; and about seven lakh schools with approximately 70 lakh teachers. This should be our potential working-force for implementing the adult education programme. Moreover universities may be encouraged to start department of adult education on the lines of the department set up in Madras University. Adult Education Clubs may for interested persons. The Haryana Government has taken commend- able initiative in renaming the jails of the State as Sudhar Ghars. The spirit behind the change need to be captured. A couple of experienced teachers with proper training and mental make up could be employed for the education of inmates of each prison. It is also possible that some useful and suitable personnel may be found with the prisons to help the teachers. Also be started in colleges Adult education is not a short range or ad hoc programme. It has to be a continuous effort. For desirous persons suitable opportunities for furtherance of knowledge, qualifications and prospects have to be provided. Institutions like "open air universities" have to be established in ever-increasing numbers. These education centres are being equipped to provide, besides general education, recreation, professional know-how and information needed by the lay-men in villages as well as instructions in the elements of family life and other niceties of life. This adult education programme started with high hopes, must raise the standard of life, otherwise it is bound to be an idle activity.
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