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Japan is a small country inhabited on small island situated in the North-east of India. The country, though, is small in area, but quite big and appreciable from many angles & aspects. Japanese are among the most disciplined people in the world. It is rather remarkable that they have achieved a high degree of discipline while remaining free and democratic and having rejected militarism. Japan is spotlessly clean. If you go to a Japanese home, you must take off your shoes at the door, so that the house remains clean. In Singapore, sign-boards proclaim after every hundred yards that you will be sent to jail, if you throw a cigarette butt on the road. In fact, cleanliness is ingrained in the life of the people in Japan. There is no dirt anywhere. No pedestrian ever tries to cross the zebra crossing. No motorist attempts road at a place other than to sneak over a zebra crossing, if the red light i on. There is hardly any absenteeism in offices and factories. All employees are encouraged to go on holidays. The managements fully realise and recognise that a worker, if he is relaxed and in good health will work better. It is a rare case that a worker comes late. The Japanese do not like to waste anything. They know that their country's resources are limited. Even five-star hotels have notices which say: "Please turn off the radio, television set and lights when these are not needed. Water is one of the important natural resources. We appreciate your c0operation in saving water. Japan is almost free of crime. One can walk freely on a street at night. The taxi driver will not try to cheat you, nor the souvenir-seller. In a Honda factory the principles that every worker was expected to follow are: "Proceed always with ambition and youthfulness, develop fresh ideas and make the most effective use of time. Enjoy your work and always brighten your working atmosphere. "Much emphasis is placed on the physical fitness of the workers. All are encouraged to take exercise during office hours. This is somewhat like the physical training class in our schools. Men and women join in it. Stress is also placed on safety. Before joining routine duty, employees are offered a week's training in safety methods. There are no peons in offices. If papers have to be sent from one desk to another, the person must do it himself. If a letter has to be typed, the official will type it himself.
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