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Many regional languages are being spoken in our country. But there are only fourteen languages recognised in Indian constitution. Almost all the states have been emerged after the names of their regional languages. The name of Madras State has been renamed as Tamilnadu after the name of language, "Tamil". Bombay State has been named as Maharashtra after its regional language. Uriya language marks Orissa State. East Bengal is named after the Bangla language. Gujrati language marks Gujrat State. Assam State has been recognised after the Assami language of that region. Some states have been named after their geographical situation. Uttar Pradesh is called so, as this state is situated in the North of India. 'Madhya' means centre. Madhya Pradesh is called so, because of its being in the cen.re of India. The word "Himachal" means the lap of snow. Thus, this state spreads among mountainous regions. That is why, it is called Himachal. The word 'Megh' means cloud. So, Meghalaya State has been marked so, because its area usually remains cloudy. The word 'Punjab' means five waters or five rivers. In the past, five rivers Sutlej, Beas, Ravi, Chenab and Sindh used to flow within the territory of the state. That is why, this land of five rivers was named Punjab. Previously, Punjab was much bigger in area than at present. Haryana State and present Pakistan touching borders of Afghanistan were part of old Punjab. From time to time, boundary of Punjab was changed due to one reason or the other. On 'every change, its area was reduced. Now, it has been shrinked to such an extent, as it cannot be called Punjab on account of its geographical situation. Now, it is apt to call it so, because of Punjabi language spoken by the inhabitants of the state. However, there are some states in India, which are not named on the basis of their geographical situation or the regional language, such as Jammu & Kashmir, Goa, Delhi etc.
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