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Most of our present day youth are agitational and irreverent. This is almost a general complaint. Elders also exclaim, "What a change in our times, it was so different. We respected our elders and teachers. Even now when we pass by them, we touch their feet. Now, impression has gained currency that modern youngsters have adopted a careless attitude." This impression is sought to be supported by the youngsters' air of freedom, his trendy dress, smoking, drugs, drinking, late hours mixing with members of the opposite sex and agitations on college and university campus. In other words, Society has a new breed of youngsters out to. destroy its fabric. The youngsters defence indifference and contempt of established norm - is all to0 obvious. The youngster bristles with impatience. This is observed in the home, class-room, gathering and at every place where he comes in contact with elders. Sometimes, he speaks to teachers in a tone less than respectful which is being tolerated as a mark of poor breeding, bad manners and lack of culture in the present youth. At the same time, if a youngster puts across his view point effectively, it does not mean that he shows disrespect to authority at the university, home or elsewhere. The number of youngsters engaged in constructive projects launched by the Government, supported by universities & colleges is far less than those who collect to raise slogans, destroy property in the name of ushering in a new order. However, it is futile to blame the youngsters, as there are reasons also in some cases. Here, we are not referring to marks obtained by students in various examinations. A high-grader may turn out to be first rate agitator. A low-grader may eschew all agitational approach and pursue academic interests beyond every- body's imagination. Added to this is the unfortunate notion that one must have a degree or diploma to run a race in life. Some students can reproduce from a guide' a literary, philosophical essay of 1000 words, but cannot write an application. In brief, students should work hard to elevate their academic standard coupled with their reverent behaviour to the elders and shun agitational approach.
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Paragraph By : Satnam Singh

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