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National integration is a must for a nation like India, where variety of religions, sects, castes and sub-castes are in ferment in our society as factors of dis-integration. National integration has been among our more serious difficulties. The National Integration Council was set up a few years ago with great hope and the cooperation of all political parties. Integration committees were also set up in various States. What are the challenges to unity 2 the old enemies are communalism, caste-ism, regionalism and linguistic fanaticism. We have been engaged in a vigorous intellectual and moral campaign against such tendencies in order to promote the concept of India and of Indianness. Before Independence, the various castes and communities found a common goal in national ism which sustained and appeared to strengthen the process of integration. Our national integration did not mean the unity of language, ideology or religions, which is a unity in diversity. But the real basis of national integration should be widely shared goals and values, a firm commitment to Indianness, without sacrificing the identity of sub-cultures. India is trying to build a multi-party democracy. Religion should not come in the way of our unity. We all are first Indians and then Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims or Christians. In this context, we must not give colour or any significance to religion. It does not matter even if different members in a family have faith in different religions as in Japan. It means that religion is nothing but a way, faith or ideology to meditate or remember God who is the same for each and every body in the Universe. Language is only the medium of our expression. If Indians talk in English, they cannot become Englishmen and likewise, if Englishmen converse in Punjabi, they cannot become Sikhs at all. Much colour is being given to caste in India. Castes were based on professions. For instance, teachers or preachers were Brahmins, fighters against enemies of the country were Khatries, whereas producers of food were Vaish. The servants of these three castes were shudras. With the change of profession, castes were changed in the beginning and it must be changed in the present era as well easily. The idea behind the whole discussion is 'that man is man irrespective of his religion, language or caste etc.
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Paragraph By : Satnam Singh

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