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Now we have devised robots that are much more complicated than any other machines we have ever had. They are complicated enough to do jobs that until now only human beings could do, but that are too simple for the marvellous brains we all have. The robots, even though they are smarter than other machines, are still only capable of very simple tasks - the kind of tasks human beings ought not to waste their time doing. In that case, why not let the robots do it? Why shouldn't human beings do other and better things? After all, whenever there is an important new invention, some jobs are lost. When the automobile came into use, there was a gradual, but steady, loss of jobs that involved horses. There were fewer stables, fewer manufacturers of buggies and wagons, fewer whips, and fewer spurs. On the other hand, think of the jobs the automobile created. Think of all the garages that came into being, all the auto mechanics needed, all the tyre manufacturing, highway building, oil well drilling. Automobiles created hundreds of times as many jobs as they destroyed. That's the way it will be with robots too. Lots of assembly-line jobs will vanish, but think of all the jobs needed to design robots, manufacture their parts, put them together, install them, and keep them in good repair, There will be many times as many jobs coming into being as are destroyed. The jobs that are destroyed will be very dull ones anyway, so dull that even a robot can do them. The jobs that will be created will be interesting ones that will stretch the mind. Of course, there is a catch. We can't just tell a person who has been working on an assembly line for twenty-five years to stop and take a job designing robots instead. It takes a special kind of education to be able to work with robots, and assembly-line worker won't have it. If we are going to have a large changeover in types of jobs, there will have to be a careful programme of retraining and re-education for people with old-style jobs. It will have to be done even if they take rather simple new-style ones. That Will be expensive and hard, but it will have to be done. There are also sure to be people who are too old, or too beaten down by the dull job they had to do all their lives, to be able to take advantage of retraining. Some sort of jobs will have to be found that they can do. Eventually, of course, things will be different. Children going to schools in the future will be educated in ways or using and understanding computers and robots. They will grow up and De able to take the new jobs, and no one will ever consider the old jobs or want them. Everyone will be glad to leave the dull jobs and the dangerous jobs to
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