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Please refer to your application of 5th September, 2004, You are hereby appointed Steno Typist against a temporary post in usual grade in force in all government departments for the post plus allowances. The post is purely temporary but, likely to become regular in near future. Your appointment will be subject to the following conditions: You are likely to be terminated at any time without notice, You will have no right to represent against this step taken by the department. But, you will be issued one month's notice or will be given one month's pay in lieu thereof. In case, you put forth your resignation, it will be essential on your part to give one month's notice or deposit one month's pay including all monthly allowances. Your services may also be terminated immediately on the ground of having, bad conduct. But, you will definitely be given chance to defend your case. If terminated on grounds of bad con- duct, condition of giving one month's pay by the department would not be applicable. In case, you are married, you should have one living wife. If you have more than one living wives, you will have forth appropriate reason in support of the same. You must be medically fit and at the time of joining service, to put fitness certificate must be presented. No travelling allowance will be given to join service. You must possess knowledge of any regional language upto Matriculation or any other standard equivalent to it. If you do not possess such a certificate, you will have to pass a departmental test for the same within six months from the date of your appointment. If above offer is acceptable to you, please report within ten days from the date of issue of this letter, otherwise this offer will be treated as cancelled without notice. However, extension for a fortnight or even a month may be granted, if you give in writing any solid reason showing your inability to join this new assignment, within the time limit given in this communication. Please also note that extension will be granted only once, if you apply within three days from the receipt of this letter.
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