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Promotion of educational faculties in every country is a most important factor. Illiterate people are just like persons finding their way in the darkness, whereas education enlightens their minds and makes them easy to find their way in this huge fair of humanity. It is unfortunate that we have not concentrated on effective teaching in general and primary education in particular. First of all, it is the primary schools which demand proper attention by providing required infrastructure and sufficient number or competent teachers. We should spend liberally on primary schools in every respect. If students at primary school level possess adequate knowledge, they will surely perform well at high-school level and even at college and university levels. It is strange, in our country officers and political leaders at the healm of affairs regarding education systems, like to give more importance to higher education of university level by establishing more and more universities, whereas plight of primary education is miserable. Proper infrastructure in primary schools especially in rural areas is inadequate. Most of these schools have inadequate teaching staff and these schools are without even black- board and proper sitting arrangements. In most of the village primary schools, even required number of class-rooms are not available and two classes are being conducted in single room. Primary schools are just like nurseries. If plants in nurseries are not healthy, how they can develop after their replantation. Similarly, if students at primary school level come out with poor or adequate knowledge, how can we expect excellence from them at middle and high school levels. It is observed that there is unusual shortage of teachers in almost every region. Schools and colleges are being rapidly opened to please the masses, but these institutions are without building, infrastructure and regular & competent teaching staff, mainly due to non-availability of funds. As a matter of fact, government often seem to have given little priority to education. They usually appoint teachers on reduced emoluments or on contract, adhoc, and temporary grade on voluntary basis. Need of the amour is to provide huge funds for primary education to appoint very good and trained teachers, to provide sufficient infrastructure and provide Sufficient classrooms. Unless primary schools are not ideal and exemplary, education at middle school level, high & high secondary level cannot be approved up to the required standard.
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Paragraph By : Satnam Singh

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