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Real work is that by doing which a person gets satisfaction. It is said that work is worship. So, that is the real work of your choice which gives you peace of mind or mental satisfaction. Too many people live without work and at the same time we have a large number of persons who shirk work. All growth and progress depends on activity. There is no development mental or spiritual, without effort and that means work. Work is not a curse as many of us assume. Some persons are in the habit of glorifying idleness instead of soiling their hands with edifying labour. Human faculties are meant to be exercised to yield rich satisfaction in the form of growth. Some of us refer tirelessly to our glorious past or weave enchanting webs or rainbows for the future, but fail to work hard, which is only secret of progress. Most of us believe that a tonne of image-building is better than an ounce of action. One must keep in mind that a person is supposed to have not worked, if he applies force to an object without actually moving it. Our attitude to work is faulty, because we often believe in working only tor a few hours in a span of eight hours. Work must give greatest satisfaction, because it is unavoidable part of our lives and the necessary basis for all achievements. The positive attitude to work is an opportunity for using and developing talents to get objectives and for making worthwhile contribution to the community from which we get so much. Our own personal goals too, are achieved by each piece of work well done. The best way to realise our ambitious aims is to do today's work supremely well. To be enjoyable, work must be well organised. The muddlers lose their sense of direction and also lose sight of the goals. They do not have a clear programme. They drift about from one task to another. They are always loaded with unfinished or half-finished jobs. They often claim of overwork and lack of time and find their day's work a burden, but they must realize that work is actually a worship, because whosoever contribute even a bit for our vast society, is considered important in nation building. So, organise your work, finish what you start and work out a system of priorities. Avoid those who waste your time. Having nothing to do, even in the slackest periods, is the sign or mark of an inferior worker. A good worker has always something to do.
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