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Switzerland is the most peaceful country in the world. Although always prepared to face any hazard of war, it has never faced any hostile army since the Swiss Confederation was founded in 1815, nor has its army ever fired at anyone in aggression. Switzerland is, therefore, totally free of the ravages of war. No other European country can claim this distinction. Most of Switzerland's 16,000 square mile area is a continuous, rolling lush countryside of pastures, Vineyards and grain farms, except one third of the mountainous and extremely beautiful region. Three quarters of the population lives in small towns and villages which remain exquisitely medieval in their architecture and external appearance. At very short notice, it can convert itself into an army bristling with military defence, i.e. a whole nation in arms. People of Switzer- land can boast that they do not have an army, but they themselves are an army. The unique aspect of the military preparedness of Switzerland is its constant readiness for facing a nuclear attack or the consequences of a nuclear war in its neighbourhood. Dr. Morgellier, the Chief military spokesman told sometime back that .80% of the population of Switzerland can be moved into under-ground shelters within a few hours. Every aspect of the life of the citizens is tightly supervised by the local police. As a consequence, there is 100% compliance with three specific instructions: one is that every household must keep a reserve stock of approximately two months requirements of food and daily provisions. Secondly, the entire male population must take part in civil defence exercises and must be constantly available for military duty. Thirdly, everyone must be ready at all times with one's arms. The government issue arms and ammunition to each household. All men between 20 and 50 years of age must do military service and until the age of 32, must attend military colleges for 20 days every year and one at least for 90 days. The result is that although Switzerland's regular or standing army is only 65,000 strong, it can put 10 per cent of the population or 650,000 men in the field within 48 hours and all the rest in a few days more. Thus, Switzerland's concern with defence is such that outside observers describe it as an obsession. Words.
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