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The steaming cloths did nothing. After a while Sher Singh mother said, 'He must be carried to the hospital at Kalaghat. Then Sher Singh knew that his brother was dying. for all jungle people know that the hospital is the last resort of the doomed.I will run for my father, he cried. lt may be days before you find him. Sher Singh's father was known far and wide as Sher Singh Bahadur the Brave-a famous shikari, with the title Bahadur added to his name like a medal because of all he had done. He lived his life here in Laldwani village, grazing his animals, cultivating his bit of land. But whenever an expedition entered the jungle in search of big game, either to shoot or photograph them, they sent for this man, Bahadur the Brave. All along his skull and back and shoulder went a scar where claws had opened his flesh to the bone when he was pulling a comrade away from a tiger. Now he was away in the jungle with a photographic expedition. All the men of Laldwani village to0, as beaters. In this mud and grass hut, upon the floor of trodden earth, upon the low string charpoy, Kunwar lay crying sometimes, but mostly glazed and silent. Sher Singh looked at his young brother, and saw death in his eyes. There are no men in the village, he said. 'I will take him. His mother must stay behind to mind the cattle and work on the land without which they would all starve; and he and she both understood this without saying so. She took one of her two saris and made a sling for Sher Singh, and lifted up Kunwar, and put him into it. Sher Singh could feel immediately the heat of the boy's body burning through the cotton cloth on his back. He felt the weight too, and wondered how he was going to manage. He is too big for you, said his mother. She spoke in a whisper or despair. "You will never get there. Sher Singh said nothing. He set off. It was evening. All the huts of Laldwani village lay in a strong orange glow. Around the village were spread their little bits of cultivation. Beyond that, the jungle began.
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