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Time is gold and time is money, if we utilıze it in a prop way and would not tolerate to waste even a single minute, because lost minutes add up to lost hours, lost hours add up to lost days, 1Ost days add up to lost years and lost years add up to fruitless life or a life in which so much remained undone. Many of us that are to say office clerks, administrators, doctors, teachers, engineers, law- yers, journalists and others are content to drift along, through the day, because they do not prepare a definite schedule of their activities. So, at the end of every day, they find that very little has been achieved. This is how day succeeds day resulting in a life of very little achievement. Likewise, many of us have no fixed time for rising and so often we sleep extra-long and have to race through the morning news- paper, bath, dress, bolt our breakfast and hurry along to the office. Why is this so? Because we have no clear-cut idea of all that we have to do during the day. We chat overlong with a friend who may call and sometimes there are many callers resulting in half com-plated work which is differed to the next day. On the other hand, if we discipline ourselves rigidly and prep area schedule in advance of all our activities for the whole day and ration time in proportion to the importance of different spheres of activity, we can do much more in brief span of 24 hours and thus enjoy a sense of satisfaction and achievement. It is good to draw up a schedule for the next day's activity at night. By doing so, we know when exactly we have to rise next morning and at what pace we have to complete the various items on our schedule. We should set aside a certain amount of time every day for the family, exercise and recreation and for reading and other means of self-improvement. Often there are instructive and interesting talks by experts at some institution, exhibitions, music recitals and other cultural activities which we must not ignore, because these improve our personality. Thus, the secret of success in our life lies in the most scientific and systematic use of time, as far as possible.
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Paragraph By : Satnam Singh

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