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The past two decades have witnessed and invasion by technology in almost all the spheres of human life. This has led to an increased dependency on technology. Thanks to information technology the world is making paradigm shifts from the offline to the online domain. Everything from banking stock exchange healthcare education can be controlled and monitored using technology. As there are two sides of a coin the technology also has two sides to it i.e. its pros and cons. One of the major cons of the technology is cyber crime. Cyber crime is defined as a crime in which a computer is the object of the crimes such as, hacking phishing spamming or is used as a tool to commit an offense. Cyber criminals may use computer technology to access personal information business trade secrets or use the internet for malicious purposes such as online monitoring of another person's activites unauthorized users who can access their personal and sensitive infromation. A person who gains unauthorised access to the system is known as a hacker. Theft involves download of copyrighted material by violating the copyrights. In the case of electronic fund transfer crime, a person illegally gains access to another persons's bank details and this may lead to financial losses. E-mail bombing involves sending a large number of mails over the network in order to crash the server. A very common cyber crime act is sending the virus as an attachment via mails. This virus can be used to extract the data from the system and jeopardise it in some cases.
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