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When the man first began to think, he asked himself the deepest of all questions–a question which you have undoubtedly asked yourself many times: What is the meaning of Life? What is it all about? Where are we all going? What drives men ever forward to work and worry? And now there's this other big question-a newer question which is beginning to force itself into our notice. One that is not ages old. That has not been with us since man first began to think. It is: Where is Science Taking Us? First, where is science taking us with regard to ethical and spiritual values? We know what it is doing with regard to material things, for material things are its daily business; but what is it doing with regard to non-material things? If the answer were 'nothing at all,' that would be bad enough; but the actual answer is 'less than nothing.' Here science is actually doing less than nothing. Its material teaching has been so over-emphasized that many people are floundering and wondering whether after all man is but a machine animated by forces over which he has no control. Let's concentrate on material things, the things that form the very stronghold of science. Look at the machine, for instance. This is the age of the machine. Machine are everywhere-in the fields, in the factory, in the home, in the street, in the city, in the country, everywhere. To fly, it is not necessary to have wings; there are machines. To swim under the sea, it is not necessary to have gills, there are machines. To kill our fellow men in overwhelming numbers, there are machines. Petrol machines alone provide ten times more power than all human beings in the world. In the busiest countries, each individual has six hundred human slaves in his machines. What are the consequences of this abnormal power? Before the war, it looked as though it might be possible, for the first time in history, to provide food and clothing and shelter fort the teeming population of the world-every man, woman and child. This would have been one of the greatest triumphs of science. And yet, many a time especially during the war we have seen the world crammed full of food and people hungry. For that's the way of science and the machine age. Science produces the goods, it makes the goods, but has no control over the consequences.
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