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Three weeks had passed since the two atomic bombs had been dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki but we still knew practically nothing about the fate of the devastated towns or of the innumerable victims. The American wireless had broadcast a very great deal about the preparations made for the use of the new weapon and about its extraordinary power but information concerning the effects of atomic bombardment was limited to the horrible prophecy for explosion will prevent all forms of life from exiting there. The Americans I had met the evening before on board the Benevolence had all fallen silent the moment I had mentioned the word Hiroshima. When they questioned me about Japan they carefully avoided all mention of it and of it and when I uttered the word I think we all felt and indefinable sense of discomfort. For different reasons the Japanese also maintained complete silence concerning the disaster which had brought about their sudden defeat. It was only through the verbal reports which went from one end of a Japan to the other that we began to have some idea of what the sudden cataclysm had meant for the inhabitants of Hiroshima. One of our less the gist of what was being rumored amongst the Japanese. Many fugitives had fled from Hiroshima to seek safety with their families and their first-hand descriptions of the horror were profoundly disquieting the blending light suddenly flashing out of a peaceful sky was a phenomenon much more terrible than and earthquake. It was a typhoon of glare hear and wind which had swept suddenly over the earth and lert a sea of fire behind it. No one knew the total of the dead 50000 said some; 200000 insisted others. And there were just as many wounded. Or more. And of those who seemed at first to have escaped injury thousands were dying every day with strange new and inexplicable symptoms. ON 2 September a Japanese policeman brought a copy of a telegram to our villa in Torizaka for which Tokyo had not yet issued a censorship visa. Bilfinger had arrived at Hiroshima on 30 August and hurriedly sent of the following disjointed report: Situation horrifying Ninety per cent of town razed. All hospitals destroyed or severely damaged. Have visited two provisional hospitals conditions indescribable Bomb effects mysterious Many victims apparently recovering suddenly experience fatal relapse owing to degeneration of white corpuscles and other internal injuries. Deaths still occurring in great numbers. More than 100000 victims still in provisional hospitals in neighborhood. Grave shortage of material bandages medicaments … Appeal allied high command supplies be parachuted immediately into center of town. Urgently need large supplies bandages, cotton wool ointments for burns sulphamides blood plasma and transfusion kits. Immediate action necessary.
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