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United Nations Security Council or UNSC is one of the six organs of the United Nations, established under the UN charter. The primary objective of the UNSC is to maintain international peace and security. It looks into matters related to disputes and settlements among the countries. The UNSC has fifteen members in all of which there are five permanent and ten non-permanent members. The United States, the United Kingdom, China, Russia and France are the five permanent members. Of the ten non-permanent members, each year, five are elected for a time period of two years. All these years the number of the UN member countries has quadrupled from 51 to 193. Post-Cold War, the member countries have been pursuing the expansion of Security LIN Council. India is one of the founding members of the United Nations but at that time it was under British rule and economically backward. With its improving economic conditions, rising GDP, India has been eying the permanent membership of the Security Council for long. A permanent member is expected to provide its support to the UNSC in all aspects in order to maintain international law and order. Though this doesn't mean the member has to possess nuclear weapons, it must have a strong military trained at par with the international standards. The reform5 in the membership of the UNSC have to be backed by the LIN General Assembly In a bid to pursue its membership, India formed an alliance with Brazil, Japan: and Germany to give momentum to its campaign for a permanent seat in the countries decided to get a push through a United Nations General Assembly (LINGA) resolution in 2005 which initially gained momentum but backfired later on. This move was doomed as a result of many factors. Due to a lack of consensus among the African countries regarding its representative for UNSC, there wasn't a single representation from the African continent. The f strained relations between China and Japan is another factor for the backfiring of the resolution. The Indian government has been actively taking forward this matter at the United Nations General
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